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“In my pieces, I am exploring the art of Métis beading. Indigenous cultures are tied together by beading traditions that are often so similar it is hard to distinguish between them. Where story-telling is the verbal way of passing traditional knowledge, beading is a visual connection to the past. I am honouring that past through my art.”


I am a self-taught artist, born in Toronto in 1953, now residing in Crystal Beach, Ontario. Several years ago I found my birth mother and family and learned of some of my heritage. My maternal ancestry is Scottish, Northwestern European and Metis. I have been accepted into the Metis Nation by virtue of this ancestry. Since I had no knowledge of my past, I struggled to find a way to connect. Inspired by two incredible artists; Christi Belcourt and Brian Kon, I taught myself this unique way of painting.

It gives me great pleasure to share the importance of Metis beadwork through my art.  Inspired by traditional patterns, each piece is unique.

Traditionally created on a black background, each individual dot of acrylic paint is applied to the wood canvas using a tool called a stylus. The completed piece is colourful and has a dimensional quality as the paint dries as a raised "bead".

The finished work is then sprayed with a protective varnish.

My pieces are now in local homes as well as in those more distant - Toronto, Guelph, Northern Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Tennessee.

As well, 4 of my pieces have been sold through the Leslie Grove Art Gallery in Toronto.

"Life..."-16 x 20 original on wood
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